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After our pumpkin picking trip last week, we naturally spent some time this week exploring pumpkins.
On Monday and Tuesday, the children were introduced to still life art. They examined the shape and color before they started drawing.

We took this opportunity to introduce markers. The children know that when they are done using a marker, the lid needs to go right back on.

Afterwards, we brought the drawings to the circle... Here Esti proudly shows hers to her friends.

In the practical life area - The children use a spray bottle and a washcloth to clean the pumpkin.

After discovering the seeds inside the pumpkin, the children pulled and tweezed them out...

This week we delved right into our Fall unit. Sometimes it's hard to 'find Fall' in the city, but lucky for us, we had our pumpkin picking field trip to look forward to. We spent the week introducing some new practical life activities, as well as some fall activities and pumpkin related activities...
Here Morah Rivka models an activity - placing the pumpkins in size order from smallest to largest.
The activity went on our Fall discovery table, and now the children can choose to do it on their own.

In this activity below, the children discriminate between three pumpkins - small, medium and large.

And here, they help strengthen their fine motor muscles while tweezing leaves from one box to the next.

Our practical life area in the classroom is beginning to explode. Make sure to join us for Curriculum night this Thursday night to find out why the skills gained from these activities are so important for the children as the continue to develop and grow!

Another fine motor stren…