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Chanukah is alive at MJM! In between birthday parties, and hearing about the story of Chanukah, the children have been exploring in all the areas of the classroom.

At the Chanukah experience table...

At the language center, they continue to 'feel' letters -- now, while spelling out Chanuka. 

David was very proud of his work.

This may look like a simple activity, but the children have been taking it to the next level...

Here, Esti notices that the Shamash candle is taller than the others.

Sam uses the Shamash to light the other candles,

and Moshe strategically places the Shamash in the middle.

In the math area, the children have been working on patterning with Chanukah candles. They are learning how to read the patterns as well, reciting the order of the colors when they are finished with the activity.

Between this week and last, many new activities were intentionally introduced in the classroom. The children have been quite busy! Here, we have our 'dropper' activity. The children use the dropper to transfer the water from one pitcher to the next. What practical skills do they gain from this? There are a few:
1:Fine motor strengthening while squeezing the dropper 2. Eye-hand coordination 3. Patience! (Figuring out how to fill the dropper takes some time) 4. Cleaning up spills (Notice the little sponge)

We've noticed an interest in letters these past few weeks as well. In this activity, the children match letter to letter, and say names of the letters that they recognize.

In the math area, we've been working on one to one correspondence...

All of these activities have been introduced as we continue to explore Fall. So, this activity below is in honor of the squirrels and their acorns. The children use a 'strainer' to take the acorns out of the sand and deposit t…