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We started our week with great sensory fun. In place of snow, we created our own moon sand - a nice tactile experience for the children .  If they've been coming home a bit flowery some days, now you know why :).

Back right into things... the children have been interested in magnets lately, so this activity was a hit. They use the magnet wand to discern which items are magnetic and which are not.

And here's what else we've been up to! We have officially begun our three week unit on colors, color mixing, and famous artists. How else to begin then by learning about the primary colors and using them to create other beautiful colors? Here's how it is done:
1: Choose two colors from the large paint jugs.

2: Mix them up to create new colors.

3: Label which colors were used to create the new colors.

4: Display the beautiful new colors.

5: Finally, introduce easel painting and use fine-tipped paintbrushes to paint with the new colors that were mixed!!

Many new winter related activities were introduced this week. Each one was picked and created intentionally.
Here, while learning about polar bears and their cold habitat, we put water in bowls and placed them outside -- we checked up on them the next day, and whaddya know? They froze!  This activity involves imaginative play - an important building block in a child's development.

Similar to the one above in terms of imaginative play, here the children can re-enact the process of a brown bear hibernating in a cave all winter long.

Why not strengthen your fine motor muscled while beading a snowflake! This is a huge hit!

Not everyone was ready for this activity, but those that were, flew with it. It involves multiple steps, eye hand co-ordination, and so much more. 
Do you want to draw a snowflake??

The children have been working on their one to one pouring skills all year long, and are now ready for one to two pouring, so this activity was introduced this week as well.  
How many …