Amidst all the Purim dress up and dramatic play, we have not forgotten to incorporate plenty of Purim related activities into the language, math, sensorial, art, and practical life areas in the classroom! It's been so busy, we don't have a photo of every single activity, but here is a glimpse into what else has been going on! Enjoy!

The children have been practicing their one to one correspondence while 'decorating' numbered Purim crowns...

They've been working on three part language cards.
Step one: Line up the Purim pictures that already have the name of the imaged attached to the card.
Step two: Match the nameless pictures to the original pictures lined up.
Step three: Place the correct name of the picture underneath the nameless picture.
(Hard to explain this on here, but it's a pretty advanced activity that promotes pre-reading and language skills. If you stop in the classroom sometime, we will happily demonstrate the process!)

They've been listening to and re-telling the Purim story via peg dolls, puppets, and a palace turned doll house.

They've been learning the letters in Purim - this work includes spelling Purim in order, and then singing t.t.t.o BINGO:
There is a happy holiday and Purim is it's name,
P U R I M etc.
Each time a letter is taken away, the children clap in place of that letter -- they love this!

They've been discovering Graggers, and the different sounds that each one makes.

There are a few Gragger related activities - in this one, they have to determine which items in the bowl make noise and which do not. 

Oh and this is what they call 'the funny one!'  -- they velcro the face of the clown in its proper order from head to chin. 

In the fine motor department, the children have been introduced to 'sewing' via this large Hamentash!

In this activity below, they look at images of castles and recreate them with the blocks.

And of course the dress up and palace is in full swing every day.

Thank you to Moshe's mom for sharing some costumes with the class.

This is just a glimpse at what's been going on!
Next week and until Purim, we will be introducing some more Purim related activities, working on creating Graggers,  and Megillahs -- each child will have a chance to draw their depiction of the story. Stay tuned for more updates either via this blog or the whatsapp group!


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